UITS Research Technologies (RT)

Services: Supercomputing for everyone

Analysis and software delivery and support

Campus Bridging: Connecting to local and national cyberinfrastructure

Research Technologies provides tools and consultation services to connect you to IU local cyberinfrastructure.

National cyberinfrastructure supported by and accessible through IU includes: 


  • Fast calculations, advanced simulations, and big data analysis using some of the fastest university-owned supercomputers on the planet.
  • Research-related databases and data-intensive applications that require databases provides an environment for database-driven web applications focusing on research.
  • Karst Desktop lets you open and control a remote session on the Karst supercomputer from a graphical desktop window running on your personal computer.


  • Stay compliant with the many HIPAA security rule requirements.
  • Cybersecurity guidance and practical advice for researchers from UITS and CACR

Data services

Grant preparation support

Resources for preparing successful grant proposals

Science gateways

  • Science Gateways Research Center (SGRC) develops and uses open source software to create user tools and environments that help scientific communities do what they could not otherwise do.
  • Consulting help to build and sustainably operate science gateways using XSEDE, campus and cloud resources

Services for biomedical, biological, and health-related research

The following services support IndianaCTSI, the Precision Health Initiative, and biomedical research generally:

  • The National Center for Genome Analysis Support enables the US biological research community to analyze, understand, and make use of the vast amount of genomic information now available
  • REDCap is a self-managed, secure, web-based platform designed to support data collection and data management
  • IndianaCTSI provides resources, services, training, education, and funding opportunities that enable collaboration in clinical and translational biomedical research
  • Computing help for biomedical research

Support for arts and humanities

  • UITS Research Technologies’ systems, tools, and services are all available for use by researchers in the arts and humanities.  Focused support is provided by the CyberDH group.
  • HathiTrust Research Center enables analytical access for non-profit and scholarship uses to published works stored within the HathiTrust Digital Library.

Visualization facilities and services

Benefiting the entire IU community

Indiana University is enabling new types of research, pedagogy, creative activity, and community impact by implementing and supporting one of the world's foremost university research cyberinfrastructures.

This cyberinfrastructure (CI):

  • Combines deep human expertise; world-class supercomputer, storage, and visualization systems; and computer science and informatics tools
  • Addresses the needs of researchers, artists, scholars, clinicians, and engineers
  • Enables new capabilities at IU and at the state, national, and international levels

Embodying a philosophy of abundance, CI access is provided without charge to members of the university community.

The majority of RT services are baseline, made possible by IU general funds and student technology fees. However, RT offers a number of cost recovery services for purchase with departmental, grant, or startup funds. This allows RT to do more for the IU community, since external funds expand what RT can do beyond its own budget.

Systems, tools, and services for Indiana University research and academia