Advanced Cyberinfrastructure

High performance. Advanced research.

Advanced Cyberinfrastructure oversees Big Red II, IU's main system for high-performance parallel computing, Big Red II+, a system dedicated to large-scale, compute-intensive research, Karst, a high-throughput computing cluster, Karst Desktop, a remote desktop service for Karst, as well as the large memory computer cluster Carbonate.


High Performance Systems

The High Performance Systems (HPS) group implements, operates, and supports some of the fastest supercomputers in the world—IU’s Big Red II, Big Red II+Karst, and the large memory cluster Carbonate—in order to advance Indiana University's mission in research, training, and engagement in the state. HPS also supports Karst Desktop, a Remote Desktop service for Karst.

HPS embodies a philosophy of abundance—providing access without time-consuming applications or fees to members of the IU community. Access to Big Red II, Big Red II+, Karst, Karst Desktop, and Carbonate is available upon request for faculty, research staff, and graduate students. Undergraduate students are invited to use these systems in instructional settings and for undergraduate research with a faculty sponsor.

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Peggy Lindenlaub

Bret Hammond
Senior Technical Lead

Matthew Allen 
Stephen Bird 
Collin Gayde 
Jeffrey Gronek 
Adrian Hosey 
Joseph Rinkovsky