Collaboration Engagement & Interoperability

Collaboration, grant help, education, outreach.


Collaboration Engagement and Interoperability (CESG) helps Indiana University, PTI, and Research Technologies translate innovation into meaningful improvements in the quality of life for residents of Indiana, the US, and the world.

CESG consists of three groups: Campus Bridging and Research Infrastructure; Education, Outreach, and Training; and Grant Support. These are responsible for:

  • Management of and reporting about RT and PTI economic development activities
  • Facilitating collaboration between IU researchers, scholars, artists, clinicians, and engineers within RT and OVPIT
  • Education, outreach, and training activities
  • Management of major events
  • Assistance with grant proposal preparation and submission
  • Post-award grant support

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Campus Bridging and Research Infrastructure


Campus Bridging and Research Infrastructure (CBRI) enables IU researchers, scholars, and artists to easily and effectively "bridge" from their personal and lab computing systems to IU’s advanced research cyberinfrastructure and national cyberinfrastructure resources such as XSEDE.

Our work

CBRI implements software and delivers training to make the integrated use of diverse cyberinfrastructure resources as easy as possible for the user. The general goal of campus bridging is to create the appearance of "virtual proximity"so that any computing resources you use, local or national, feel as if they are just peripherals attached to your laptop computer.


Education, Outreach & Training

Research Technologies provides education, outreach and training (EOT) for many different communities, including:

  • New, underserved and diverse user communities
  • IU faculty, students, and staff
  • K-12 students and teachers
  • Residents of the state of Indiana
  • The general public

EOT activities are related to advanced technology and high performance computing, and they help our users and partners achieve maximum benefit from IU’s technology services and resources.


Grant Support

Research Technologies can help develop a successful grant proposal by offering the following services:

  • Incorporating facilities statements about IU's cyberinfrastructure
  • Consulting on data management plans
  • Providing letters of support for IU's resource commitment
  • Providing custom programming and application development for a fee—which could get you more bang for your award buck