Science Gateways Research Center (SGRC)

Building science gateways and deploying advanced software cyberinfrastructure for your community


Science Gateways Research Center (SGRC) develops and uses open source software to create user tools and environments that help scientific communities do what they could not otherwise do. Going beyond the mere requirements of scientists, SGRC develops cyberinfrastructure software systems strategically based on a deep understanding of the core principles of cloud-scale distributed systems.


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What we offer

Scientific collaboration

SGRC provides software development assistance and consultation services for scholarly and scientific communities

Operations and support

SGRC operates Apache Airavata as a cloud-based Platform as a Service for its collaborators.

Open community software

SGRC believes that open source software must be coupled to an inclusive, open community governance model.

SGRC champions the Apache Software Foundation’s principles of meritocratic project governance within the eScience community.

eScience research

One of SGRC's core missions in developing and researching scientific cyberinfrastructure is to educate students in modern cloud architectures and prepare them for the modern workforce.


Director, Science Gateways Research Center

Pierce leads distributed systems research into scalable cyberinfrastructure to support computational and data-driven science.

Apache Airavata

Apache Airavata is a framework for building scientific gateways to manage complex computations.

It is deployed in multiple projects of the Research Center, growing its community and helping scientists each day. 

Tutorials & courses

You can learn Apache Airavata through a variety of options:

  • Online documentation
  • A foundation or advanced course at IU Bloomington
  • Quick start or extended tutorials

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Want to get involved?

SGRC invites anyone interested in contributing to open source software—students, developers, architects, scientists, or engineers—to download Apache Airavata and to subscribe to the mailing list.

Please note: Apache Airavata questions should go to the appropriate mailing list. For general comments and questions, please email To report problems, please contact

For more information, please see SGRC's website.