Software licensing retirement

January 26, 2018
SigmaPlot/Minitab user:

You are receiving this message because you have used SigmaPlot or Minitab software at IU sometime in the past.

The Research Analytics (RA) group in UITS Research Technologies supports a variety of statistical, mathematical, and geospatial software titles, both open source and commercial by providing licensing and distribution of the software, along with consultation on usage.

After careful consideration the Research Analytics team has decided to discontinue the licensing and distribution of two of the titles that have been centrally licensed and distributed by RA in the past. These titles are Minitab and SigmaPlot. Beginning July 1, 2018 RA will only provide support and consultation on usage of Minitab and SigmaPlot and will no longer resell Minitab or Sigmaplot licenses to IU students, faculty, or staff.

You can still acquire the software by working directly with the software vendors Systat (SigmaPlot) and Minitab, or can choose to use another of the many statistical and plotting packages licensed and distributed by RA. For more information on your options in acquiring the software, please see the Knowledge Base document “About the Minitab and SigmaPlot licensing retirement at IU.” If you choose to transition to another plotting or statistical package RA will provide assistance in migrating your class materials or research workflows. Users interested in transitioning or with other questions can contact the RA team.

Scott Michael
Manager, Research Analytics


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