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Indiana University Pervasive Technology Institute News July 2015
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Learning Opportunities are available this summer and early fall as part of the Supercomputing for Everyone Series.



Campus Bridging Icon What is XSEDE Campus Bridging?

Think of campus bridging as a many-faceted connection between users and XSEDE resources. Campus bridging services build awareness; encourage and facilitate resource use; promote education; help create IT-savvy faculty researchers; and through student programs and outreach, with a eye to under-served groups, build diversity into the next generation of IT leaders. 

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XSEDE: Campus Bridging

"What is Campus Bridging and What Can It Do for Me?"

"Cyberinfrastructure, Science Gateways, Campus Bridging, and Cloud Computing"

Meoli Kashorda Kenyan collaboration highlights IU's international networking expertise

Meoli Kashorda, CEO of Kenya's Education Network KENET, visited IU to learn new strategies for advancing KENET's mission of transforming education in Kenya through understanding I-Light. Kashorda also met with staff from IU's Global Research Network Operations Center and International Networks, with a view to forming a network engineer exchange program between KENET and IU. His visit included a tour of the Data Center. Kashorda remarked, "[I]t's good to see that it is possible to scale up a data center based at a university to a level comparable to the commercial data centers."

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Campus Technology Magazine Reducing the Surface Area of Cyber Risk: IU's IT-28 Initiative

In Campus Technology magazine, IU VP for IT and CIO Brad Wheeler and Paul Howell, the Internet2 Chief Cyber Infrastructure Security Officer, examine IU's cyber risk mitigation policy. Wheeler says IU changed its approach to risk mitigation after the New York Times, Washington Post, and Wall Street Journal were hacked in 2013. "What we needed," he says was a "policy framework that balanced the creative, individual activities that make universities remarkable places, while mitigating against the risks of a changed and increasingly dangerous world."

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Media Center Event UITS aids in IU Media Technology Center

Thanks to a gift from Indiana University alum Mark Cuban IU could soon be the national leader in 3D broadcast and virtual reality. The Advanced Visualization Lab (AVL), part of the IU Pervasive Technology Institute, provided consulting in advanced visualization and 3D capabilities to help create the Mark Cuban Center for Sports Media and Technology, to be housed in the west side of Assembly Hall.

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Operation Icebridge Logo Operation IceBridge and global climate change

Seabed topology under the Totten Glacier of East Antarctica is hastening the glacier's melt rate, according to new research. Glacial scientists have found that the seabed at the continent's edges is channeling warmer water inland under the ice sheet and exposing the ice sheet to warmer water. Totten Glacier is discharging 100 times the volume of Sydney Harbor worth of melt water into the ocean each year. The glacier is important because it holds back a larger sheet of land ice, which, if it melted, could raise the sea level by 11 feet. A many-state collaboration was behind this discovery. IU's Forward Observer captured and processed data while NASA's radar plane was in flight.

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Robot Camp Robots Compete for the 9th Year

On the final day of the “Ready, Set, Robots!” summer camp, students showed off their programming skills at the Robot Grand Challenge. Working together in IU’s Cyberinfrastructure Building, teams of junior high and high school students used kits from the LEGO ® MINDSTORMS ® series to program their robots on a “Mission to Mars.” The IU Pervasive Technology Institute sponsors the annual camp to introduce teens to technology-related fields and concepts, including computer programming, high performance computing and networking as they work side by side with IU technology professionals and researchers. Manager of Education and Outreach Robert Ping says, “The idea is to get them interested in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. And if they end up coming to Indiana University, well, that’s all the better.” An advanced Ready, Set, Robots! camp is scheduled for July 16 and 
July 17. Participation is free.

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Conferences and Events

IEEE Logo IEEE International Conference on Cluster Computing (Cluster15)

September 8-15, 2015, Chicago, IL

This year's special technical focus is exascale computing.

Conference website

RT CB Image Campus Bridging Workshop: Reducing Obstacles on the Path to Big Answers at IEEE Cluster 2015

September 8, 2015, Chicago, IL

Participants will situate campus bridging in the context of cluster computing. We will discuss issues that campus bridging attempts to resolve and some projects the XSEDE Campus Bridging team have completed in aiming to mitigate those challenges.

Conference website - Workshop Info

Learning Opportunities

Intel Phi Icon Supercomputing for Everyone Series: Parallel Programming and Optimization with Intel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessors: Two sequential developer training sessions

IU Bloomington, September 3 and 4, 2015

September 3
Cyberinfrastructure Building (CIB) - Multipurpose Room A.
Focus: Programming models and best optimization practices for the Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors, and on using the Intel software development and diagnostic tools. Note: Prerequisite for Sept. 4 hands-on lab.
Registration and requirements

September 4
CREST Center Conference Room, 420 N. Walnut St.
Focus: Lab session with hands-on exercises on topics covered in September 3 course.
Registration and requirements

RT HPC Icon Supercomputing for Everyone Series: Performance Tuning Summer School

August 17-21, 11am - 5pm 
Cyberinfrastructure Building (CIB), Multipurpose Room A
Indiana University Bloomington

Learn how to analyze and improve the performance of scientific applications on IU’s high performance computing systems

Register here

RT Biomedical Icon IU Bioinformatics Clinic

Aug. 10-14, 9am-5pm
Lindley Hall B008, IU Bloomington

Learn about cyberinfrastructure resources at Indiana University for computational genomics, like iPlant, which connects to public datasets and helps them manage, store, and share their own data and experiments, and Galaxy, an open, web-based platform for data-intensive biomedical research.

Register here


RT HPC Logo Retirement of PFTP/Kerberized FTP for Scholarly Data Archive

Research Technologies is announcing the retirement of the PFTP/Kerberized FTP service to access the Scholarly Data Archive. There are just four users that have used this client in the last 18 months, and therefore, due to low usage, we are retiring it on August 2, 2015.

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