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Indiana University Cyberinfrastructure News - September 2014

News from the Indiana University UITS Research Technologies division
A cyberinfrastructure and service center affiliated with the IU Pervasive Technology Institute

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RT Fall Learning Opportunities

RT Consulting LogoLearn to flex IU's supercomputing muscle

IU is home to the high-performance computing resources Big Red II, Quarry, and Mason. Learn how to put IU's petaFLOPS of power to work in your research with the "Intro to HPC@IU" ½ day workshop.
Topics: Accessing the computer systems; file systems for data storage; software; and creating, submitting, and managing job scripts.

  • IUB: September 23, CIB, Wrubel Commons, 1-5pm
  • IUPUI: September 29, ICTC, IT303, 1-5pm

For more information and to register visit the Intro to HPC@IU page at ITTraining.

RT HPC LogoIntroductory parallel programming for supercomputers

This one-day workshop introduces the concepts of threads and message passing to harness multiple processors to accomplish a single task. It includes a lecture and hands-on lab.

  • IUPUI: September 23, ICTC, IT121, 9am-5pm
  • IUB: November 3, Herman B Wells Library, W114, 9:30am-5:30pm

For more information and to register visit the Introductory parallel programming for supercomputers page at ITTraining.

RT EOT Logo Supercharge your academic or research project

Every Thursday you can get one-on-one consults with UITS Research Technologies (RT) experts.

Where and when: Scholars' Commons, Herman B Wells Library, 10am-6pm.

There will be new topics each week.

  • 1st Thursdays: Campus bridging – connecting to local/national resources; data storage
  • 2nd Thursdays: Visualization services. Grant support, Science gateways
  • 3rd Thursdays: Biomedical, biological, & health research services; education, outreach & training
  • 4th Thursdays: Computation; Analysis software delivery and support

Whatever your project —arts, sciences, and everything in between – UITS RT can help. Click here for more information.

Anita Nikolich 60 minutes with the National Science Foundation

Join Anita Nikolich for an overview of the NSF Advanced Cyberinfrastructure Division (ACI), which supports scientists and engineers who use advanced computation, data-handling, and networking.

  • September 4, CIB, Wrubel Commons, 4:30-5:30pm
  • View remotely via video bridge: 224810
  • Refreshments follow

Nikolich is program director for cybersecurity in the NSF's ACI. This talk is sponsored by the IU Pervasive Technology Institute (CACR and RT). Event parking is free at the CIB in all C and E spots.

Read more about the event here


XSEDE's XCBC software bolsters research

Researchers across the US now have faster and easier access to top computing resources, thanks to XSEDE's (Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment) Compatible Basic Cluster (XCBC) software suite, created by IU Research Technologies (RT) Campus Bridging team. The XCBC software allows a campus to create a cluster, based on open-source tools, that operates much like a cluster within XSEDE. Commands on an XSEDE cluster work the same way on local clusters. XCBC also includes software that aids moving and integrating data with XSEDE, notably software used on Globus Online, XSEDE's most widely used campus-bridging data movement tool. XCBC also means educators can use and adapt XSEDE-developed training materials for use on their campuses.

Says RT Manager of Campus Bridging and Research Infrastructure Rich Knepper, "The XCBC concept, the software build, and the distribution tools will make it easier for faculty members and IT experts across the US to adopt technology that is consistent with, and enables interoperability with XSEDE."

Increased campus bridging funding from XSEDE means IU will soon have staff to help campuses install the XCBC software. Interested researchers please contact

UITS Research Technologies is a service and cyberinfrastructure center of the IU Pervasive Technology Institute.

Read more information about XSEDE's XCBC

IU Logo

Indiana: A model for speeding innovation in medicine

"21st Century Cures: A Call to Action," an initiative of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, asks: How can we develop digital and personalized medicine to improve patient care and transform health care to embrace today's technology? Indiana University responded that the state of Indiana, through its collaboration with Indiana University, represents a model that could be adopted across the US. Among of the factors that distinguish Indiana: Willingness to collaborate across public/private boundaries, a high-performance network, HIPAA-aligned research cyberinfrastructure where researchers can analyze protected health information; IU Health; and the IU School of Medicine. The Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (CTSI), funded by the National Institutes of Health, is a pipeline from lab research to the clinical and translational research that translates biomedical innovations into treatments. IU's response, "21st Century Cures: Leveraging technology to Accelerate the #Path2Cures," was submitted by IU Assistant Vice President Douglas Wasitis with Craig Stewart, Bill Barnett, Anantha Shekar, Vince Sheehan, and Brad Wheeler.

Read the paper here

Beth Plale IU's Komadu captures data provenance

Komadu, a new suite of software tools developed by the Data to Insight Center (D2I) within the IU Pervasive Technology Institute, helps researchers track and verify digital data, a crucial step in computational research. Explains D2I Director Beth Plale, data provenance "tells us where a piece of digital data came from, particularly digital data that has undergone transformation by software algorithms . . . who carried out a transformation on a piece of data, why . . . Data provenance . . . can expose errors that crop up when one day's run of an image processing pipeline differs from another day because of a missing file."

In 2005, D2I researchers published one of the first papers on provenance, which helped to define the field. D2I's earlier tool, Karma, studied data provenance in the computer networks of Global Environment for Network Innovations (GENI) and in ice sheet data captured by an NASA polar-orbiting satellite.

Read more here

WebSci 14 Challenge Graphic Inna Kouper receives WebSci'14 Data Challenge Best Student Entry Award

Inna Kouper, a research scientist at the Data to Insight Center, a unit of the IU Pervasive Technology Institute, was part of the team that won a Best Student Entry award in the 2014 ACM Web Science Conference Data Challenge. Click here for more about the award and the winning project, "Diseases across the Top Five Languages of the PubMed Database: 1961 – 2012,"

Learning Opportunities

PACE Boot Camp Logo

PACE Data Mining Boot Camps

Boot camp 1: September 17-18, Key learning techniques
Boot Camp 2: October 15-16, Advanced learning techniques
San Diego Supercomputing Center, UC San Diego

PACE (Predictive Analytics Center of Excellence) is a non-profit, public educational organization dedicated to amplifying the power of predictive data analytics and developing a comprehensive, integrated, sustainable, and secure cyberinfrastructure.

SC14 LogoWorkshop on Education for High-Performance Computing

The EduHPC Workshop focuses on developing educational resources for undergraduate education in parallel and distributed computing and high performance computing. 

November 17, 2014 - In conjunction with SC14, New Orleans, LA (

Read more about the EduHPC Workshop

Conferences and Events

Internet2 Logo

2014 Technology Exchange: Premier

October 26-31, 2014 JW Marriott, Indianapolis, IN

This international technical event, premiering in Indianapolis, is a collaboration of Internet2 and the Energy Sciences Network (ESnet), Department of Energy. Topics will include leading-edge technologies such as cloud applications, federated identity, cybersecurity, high-performance computing, and emerging network paradigms like software defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV) in support of data-intensive science and academic operations. The keynote speaker is Harper Reed, chief technology officer for President Obama's 2012 online campaign and "Get Out the Vote" program.

Read more about the 2014 Technology Exchange

Statewide IT LogoRegister for Statewide IT

Register now for Indiana University's annual IT get-together. Statewide 2014 is all about the ways 1IUIT is making it click—from the smallest projects to the biggest initiatives. Save the dates and get ready for a gathering that explores how we put it all together and inspires us for the future.

Visit the conference site


ICPP LogoInternational Conference on Parallel Processing (ICPP 2014)

September 9-12
University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

View the conference web site


AMS LogoCall for papers: American Meteorological Society Symposium on High Performance Computing

Jan 8, 2015, Phoenix, AZ
Part of the 2015 American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting.

See this site for details


sighpc logoNew: ACM Special Interest Group, SIGHPC Education

SIGHPC Education welcomes those interested in education related to computational science and high performance computing. This is the ACM's first virtual chapter; membership in AMC is not required.

See the SIGHPC site for more information

To join, send email to Steven Gordon

Job Postings

UChicago Logo

HPC System Administrator, University of Chicago

See details at the University of Chicago site.

Administrative Issues

PTI events calendar
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  • Big Red ll: First Tuesday each month, 7am-7pm EDT
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  • Mason: First Tuesday each month, 7am-7pm EDT
  • Quarry: First Tuesday each month, 7am (EDT) for 24 hours
  • RDC: First Tuesday each month, 8am-5pm EDT
  • Scholarly Data Archive/Research File System: Sundays, 7-10am EDT
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