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Where can I get help using IU's supercomputers?

At Indiana University, UITS Research Technologies provides numerous resources to help IU researchers learn how to most effectively use the university's advanced supercomputing systems, thereby helping them to maximize their productivity and enable new types of research. Following is information about how you can get help using IU's supercomputing resources.

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Programming help

Scientific Applications and Performance Tuning (SciAPT) provides programming support to IU researchers, and can help migrate, optimize, and parallelize your advanced scientific code.

SciAPT staff provide short-term consultations and extended consulting services, depending on the needs of your project. In an extended consultation, your project is paired with a SciAPT team member who can work with you, without charge, for many hours over a period of weeks or months. SciAPT's extended consulting service is particularly helpful when you are facing a very complicated and sophisticated programming challenge, or when you are new to supercomputing and need a lot of help.

To request programming support for your research project, email SciAPT.

For help with programming coursework, contact your instructor.

Software support

HPC software: The UITS SciAPT team also manages the site licenses for the high-performance computing (HPC) software installed on IU'sresearch supercomputers. If you have questions about any of the HPC software installed on IU's research computing systems, email SciAPT.

Statistical and mathematical software: The UITS Research Analytics team administers and supports the statistical and mathematical packages available on IU's research computing systems. If you have questions or need help regarding statistical or mathematical applications at IU, email Research Analytics. Alternatively, support consultations (by appointment only) are offered Monday-Friday 9am-noon at the Research Analytics Center, located on the IU Bloomington campus at Woodburn Hall 200. To schedule an appointment, call 812-855-4724 (IUB) or 317-278-4740 (IUPUI). For more, see the Research Analytics home page.

Bioinformatics, life sciences, and genome analysis software: UITS provides bioinformatics, life sciences, and genome analysis applications on Karst and Mason:

System-specific help

The High Performance Systems (HPS) team within UITS Research Technologies operates and supports IU's research computing systems. For documentation on each system, see:

If you have a question or a problem that's system-specific, contact the HPS team.

Support documentation

Support documentation about IU's research supercomputers and software is available online in the IU Knowledge Base; see Research and high-performance computing.