National research community, including IU


Development and support

SGRC develops the open source Apache Airavata software system and its ecosystem of products. SGRC operates these services as a cloud platform through the NSF-funded project.


SWAMP provides services to US researchers to ensure the open source software they develop is secure and trustworthy. CACR is one of the key leaders of the SWAMP project.

Science gateways consulting

The Science Gateway Research Center (SGRC) provides consulting support for collaborators who want to build science gateways using both IU and national cyberinfrastructure. This support is provided by the NSF-funded and Science Gateways Community Institute projects.

Cybersecurity Support for NSF projects by the NSF Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (CCoE)

Supported by NSF and led by CACR, the CCoE ( provides cybersecurity leadership and guidance to the NSF-funded science community.