PTI enables new types of research, scholarship, teaching, training, and artistic creation

PTI creates software, delivers information and services, and supports and provisions a world-class cyberinfrastructure.

Who can use these services?

The general public

People everywherethose in industry and private businesses, researchers, and even studentscan use the open source software and public data sets that PTI produces and curates.

Communities of practice

PTI offers cyberinfrastructure services that range from public information programs and podcasts to resources for biomedical research. Beneficiaries of these projects range from Indiana residents connecting with their legislators, to biomedical researchers working in IU hospitals to discover new drugs and medical treatments.

Local, national, and international audiences

PTI participates in many federally-funded projects. These projects often have their own access and usage processes specified by the federal government. All services are accessible to relevant communities within IU, driving PTI’s goal of serving Indiana University, Indiana, and the US. In some cases, such services are also available to international audiences.

The IU community

Indiana University funds many PTI services available to IU faculty, research staff, graduate students, and undergraduate students without cost to the userembodying IU’s philosophy of abundance in delivering information technology resources. (A few services offered by the Research Technologies division of UITS are on a cost recovery basissee About Research Analytics licensing and technical support at IU.)

… as far as I am concerned I have everything I need through our infrastructure … I realize that I am very lucky.

IU faculty member