Data analytics and visualization

Focus on data quality and representations for diverse stakeholders

The world contains a vast amount of digital information, which rapidly grows vaster. These vast growing volumes of data make it possible to do many things on an unprecedented scale: spot social trends, prevent diseases, track climate change or increase freshwater supplies.

Data science is essential in understanding complex systems, making predictions,and providing decision-makers with information they can act upon. The growing availability of cheap and resilient sensors, proliferation of everyday technologies such as mobile phones, and prevalence of cloud services, creates new opportunities for data collection and analysis.

To employ innovative data collection and analysis techniques in solving problems, we work on making sure that the data and methods in use can be trusted and that the technologies that are being maintained and developed can be sustainably used and deployed beyond the developed world. D2I engages in projects that study various dimensions of the coupled social and natural systems and develops novel approaches to observing such systems at high spatial and temporal resolutions.


Please contact Beth Plale for more information about projects related to data analytics and visualization.

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