PTI is made up of affiliated centers and the Office of the Executive Director

Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research (CACR)

Leads the creation of IT security policy, security tools, and secure applications in critical areas of cyberinfrastructure, including health. Services offered to the IU community include information, education, and lectures related to cybersecurity, as well as consulting related to regulatory compliance in handling protected health information. 

CACR is affliated with PTI, the IU Maurer School of Law, OVPIT, and UITS.

Data to Insight Center (D2I)

Focuses on the life cycle of digital data while furthering tools for discovering and gaining insight from the vast quantities of data now produced in digital form.

D2I is affiliated with the Luddy School of Informatics and Computing, OVPIT, and UITS and UITS, and works closely with the IU Libraries.

Cyberinfrastructure Integration Research Center (CIRC)

Accelerates research, discovery, and collaboration through the creation, integration, and operation of user-centric cyberinfrastructure that benefits scientific communities.

CIRC is affiliated with PTI and the UITS Research Technologies (RT) division.

UITS Research Technologies (RT)

Develops, delivers, and supports cyberinfrastructure for IU and for scholars, educators, clinicians, engineers, and artists throughout the United States.

UITS Research Technologies (RT) is affiliated with PTI and OVPIT, and is a division of UITS.

Office of the Executive Director

The Office of the Executive Director works to ensure that each PTI-affiliated center is successful in its mission, aids IU, and advances IU’s accomplishments in research, education, and engagement. The PTI Executive Director

  • manages central supporting activities, such as grant proposal preparation and outreach activities;
  • leads several projects, including PTI’s involvement in a multi-million dollar grant award to support the national research cyberinfrastructure network known as XSEDE;
  • conducts research and development related to cloud technologies; and
  • investigates return on investment in cyberinfrastructure.
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