Economic impact


PTI regularly wins competitions for federal grants, and through those grants creates high quality, well-paying jobs in Indiana. So far, PTI has added more than 500 job-years worth of employment within Indiana. 

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IU’s overall grant competitiveness

PTI aids the grant competitiveness of IU researchers overall through access to advanced technology and high-speed networks that speed discovery and facilitate collaboration.

PTI offers several services and resources to aid IU faculty members in writing competitive proposals as well.

Open source software

Open source software distribution is one of the critical ways in which PTI impacts and enables scientific research at IU, in the state of Indiana, and the nation as a whole. Such software also aids Indiana’s economic development, enhancing federal grant competitiveness and creating new high quality jobs. These open source software products also benefit the private sector in Indiana and the nation as a whole.

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Free Online Computational and Data Resources

Free online computational and data resources further research in Indiana and the world. PTI provides a number of open data sets designed to aid IU researchers (and bolster their grant competitiveness), as well as researchers in the private sector of Indiana.

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High impact scientific projects

Research projects, scholarship, and artistic works enabled by PTI have been featured in a number of news items and highlights.

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Displays at national and international conferences

One of the biggest and most important conferences in the world is the annual SC conference, the International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage, and Analysis held each November in the US. Since 1997, IU has demonstrated advanced IT-oriented research to now tens of thousands of visitors over the years.

Aid to the private sector

The following businesses are either startups that were aided in some way by PTI, or businesses located in Indiana partly as a result of PTI:

  • Bloomington Knowledge Works, LLC
  • Cigital
  • Precise Path Robotics

The PTI Economic Development Partnership Program

PTI provides supercomputing and cloud computing cycles for industries and private businesses to enhance your competitiveness and aid the Indiana economy. For example, PTI helped Cummins, Inc. accelerate development of highly efficient new piston heads.

Do you represent a business or industry in which advanced supercomputers, cloud computers, or science gateways could aid growth? Start by contacting a PTI representative for an initial consultation, then fill out a formal application for access to advanced computing systems and collaboration with IU experts.