Archived & historical open source software

  • Data mining and text analysis


    • Seeks words of various lengths specified by users.
    • Developed by NCGAS

    View GeneIndex on Sourceforge


    • Supports faster execution of many data mining applications implemented as MapReduce programs
    • Allows MapReduce to achieve higher performance, perform faster data transfers, and reduce the time it takes to process vast sets of data
    • Developed by Digital Science Center

    Learn more about Twister


    • Provides an easy-to-program, flexible interface for exploring and analyzing feeds of social media data
    • Developed by Digital Science Center

    View Klatsch on GitHub

  • High performance computing

    High Performance Storage Systems (HPSS) connector for the Java framework

    • Contribution to HPSS base distribution to enable access via Java applets
    • Developed by Research Technologies

    Fault Tolerant Hybrid Information Service (FTHPIS)

    • A hybrid grid information service supporting both the scalability of large amounts of relatively slowly varying data and a high performance rapidly updated information service for dynamic regions
    • Supports ExtendedUDDI and WS-Context
    • Developed by Digital Science Center

    Learn more about FTHPIS

  • Life sciences


    • Maximum likelihood inference of evolutionary trees
    • Developed by NCGAS

    Learn more about fastDNAml

    Life Sciences DataBase Parsers

    • Software to input data into IBM DiscoveryLink
    • Developed by NCGAS
  • Publication curation and citations


    • Open source bibliographic management
    • Developed by Research Technologies

    View PubsOnline on Sourceforge

  • Provenance and metadata


    • Allows researchers to see the exact state of the network and store configuration of the experiment and its slice
    • The provenance of the data will be stored and visualized through a data portal
    • Developed by Data to Insight
  • Scientific and parallel programming


    • An environment for scientific and parallel programming using Java, based on an extended version of the Java language
    • Developed by Digital Science Center

    Learn more about HPJava


    • An object-oriented Java interface to the standard Message Passing Interface for parallel programming (MPI)
    • Implemented as a set of Java wrappers to various native MPI packages
    • Developed by Digital Science Center

    Learn morea bout mpiJava


    • Parallel (supercomputer) software for studying radiation transport used in planning chemotherapy for brain cancer
    • Developed by Research Technologies

    PENELOP-MPI is open source but not distributed in the US without permission from the government.

  • Systems

    Simple Message Broker Library (SMBL)

    • Tool for message passing interface programming with distributed systems
    • Developed by Research Technologies

    View SMBL on Sourceforge


    • A content distribution infrastructure, and enables the development of secure, failure-resilient Systems
    • Developed by Digital Science Center

    Learn more about NaradaBrokering


    • An environment supporting ubiquitous accessing to community grid systems from various small wireless devices such as smartphones
    • Developed by Digital Science Center

    Learn more about Carousel