UITS Research Technologies (RT)

What we offer

Expert Consulting

Connecting you with software, computing, tools, and other resources to advance your work. Learn more about Expert Consulting.

Compute & Storage Resources

Enabling fast calculations, advanced simulations, and massive secure storage. Learn more about Compute & Storage Resources.

Research Software

Delivering apps for analytics and big data research; distributing stat/numerical and open-source software. Learn more about Research Software.

Visualization & Data Services

Promoting interactive models, virtual and augmented reality, advanced digital arts media as well as secure data analysis. Learn more about Visualization & Data Services.

Training & Outreach

Connecting you with the research services you need to reach discovery through targeted training, seminars, workshops, and tours. Learn more about Training & Outreach.


Associate Vice President, Research Technologies

Matt Link is associate vice president for UITS Research Technologies and a center director for the Pervasive Technology Institute. Link has been with IU and UITS for more than 20 years and has worked at all levels of the organization. He has a wide range of experience in higher education technologies from supporting faculty to managing large unix systems, storage environments, and high performance...Read More »

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Research Technologies

Benefiting the entire IU community

Indiana University is enabling new types of research, pedagogy, creative activity, and community impact by implementing and supporting one of the world's foremost university research cyberinfrastructures.

This cyberinfrastructure (CI):

  • Combines deep human expertise; world-class supercomputer, storage, and visualization systems; and computer science and informatics tools
  • Addresses the needs of researchers, artists, scholars, clinicians, and engineers
  • Enables new capabilities at IU and at the state, national, and international levels

Embodying a philosophy of abundance, CI access is provided without charge to members of the university community.

The majority of RT services are baseline, made possible by IU general funds and student technology fees. However, RT offers a number of cost recovery services for purchase with departmental, grant, or startup funds. This allows RT to do more for the IU community, since external funds expand what RT can do beyond its own budget.

Systems, tools, and services for Indiana University research and academia