Module request

Modules can be requested by people who install software for public use on IU's supercomputers.

Software installation convention for /n/

When installing software in /N/soft/rhel6, cle4, etc., please follow the below conventions so duplicates of the same software do not appear with different spellings and capitalizations.

Top level directories

The top level directories under /N/soft/rhel6 should only contain an identifiable software name, without any capitalization. All versions of this software should be built within this directory.

Below the common name, there should be unique separation directories, as appropriate to the software.

Separation directories

If the same version of the software can be built with different compilers, then the separation directories can be named after the compilers. Similarly, if a software will have serial and parallel versions, then make directories called "serial" or "mpi".

Low-level directories

The low-level directory that actually contains the software should ideally be named after the version number.


root@qtii001 openmpi]$ pwd


[root@qtii001 openmpi]$ ls

gnu  intel

[root@qtii001 openmpi]$ ls gnu/

1.6.3 1.5.4

[root@qtii001 openmpi]$ ls intel/

1.6.3  1.5.4


All efforts should be made to make sure that subdirectories under /N/soft/rhel6 would have the package builder as the owner, with everything in the "hpc" group and writable by group.

That way, we could locate the owner of a certain installation if there was a problem—and if there is a problem but the owner is unavailable, someone else can take their place. An exception to this rule can be made when the access to the software is restricted due to licensing or other issues.

Also, please try to remove unneeded directories and files (such as source/tar files) after installation.

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