Hierarchical MapReduce

Unleash the full power of MapReduce

About the programming model

The MapReduce programming model provides an easy way to execute pleasantly parallel applications. Many data-intensive applications fit this programming model and benefit from the scalability that can be delivered using this model.

Although commercial clouds can provide virtually unlimited computation and storage resources on-demand, due to financial, security and possibly other concerns, many researchers still run experiments on a number of small clusters with limited number of nodes that cannot unleash the full power of MapReduce.

Our solution

We present a hierarchical MapReduce framework that gathers computation resources from different clusters and run MapReduce jobs across them.

The global controller in our framework splits the data set and dispatches them to multiple "local" MapReduce clusters, and balances the workload by assigning tasks in accordance to the capabilities of each cluster and of each node. The local results are then returned back to the global controller for global reduction.

Hierarchical MapReduce Architecture


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