2022 Student Cluster Competition

Leading the way for the next generation of HPC professionals

As part of the student focus lens of our workforce development initiative, PTI is supporting a student team at SC22 in Dallas, Texas. This collaborative team of IU and Purdue students, named INpack, will showcase their supercomputer building skills in the Student Cluster Competition (SCC), November 14–16. This exciting competition attracts teams of undergraduates from around the world and helps introduce them to the HPC community.

SCC will give the team hands-on experience building a supercomputer cluster with a cloud component. They’ll learn what it takes to build and maintain a high performance system, getting real-world skills that will help them in an HPC career. This is the first time an IU/PU collaborative team has competed in SCC.

Visit INpack’s SCC team page

Meet the team

Students L–R: Zachary Graber (IU), Nrushad Joshi (IU), Lucas Snyder (IU), Karl Oversteyns (Purdue), Dhruv Sjuatha (Purdue), Larkin Nickle (Purdue).