Our commitment

Our ethical principles

Indiana University students have the benefit of using some of the most sophisticated digital learning platforms that are currently available.  Most of these platforms, such as the Canvas LMS, passively record student activity data by default.  These activity logs and other forms of student learning data are fundamental to the operation of contemporary digital platforms, are necessary for ensuring the integrity of academic records, and have clear value for theoretical and practical research.  However, we also recognize that the use of these data, passively recorded online without students’ awareness, is a sensitive subject, and raises issues in relation to privacy, agency, and ownership. 

We ardently commit to the protection of student privacy during the use of these records, we hold ourselves and our work transparent and accountable to all local security ocers, and we respect the rights of students to reach out, ask questions, and raise concerns that may pertain to their data being accessed and studied in a research context.