Data to Insight Center (D2I)

Data To Insight Center 2020+: societally-relevant research and scholarship in data science

Welcome to the Data To Insight Center.

The mission of the Data To Insight Center is to conduct societally-relevant research, scholarship, and outreach in data science and data-driven computing.

The Data To Insight Center 2020+ research agenda identifies several exciting project areas for center for the next half-decade. These are:

Smart and Connected Communities

Communities serve their citizens through provisioning of basic services.  Selective application of new technologies and services can enhance community services and reduce overall cost.   D2I researches new tools, frameworks, and organizational approaches for societally-responsible application of new technology in smart and connected communities. Continue reading >>


Students engage with technologies regularly in the course of their learning.  The eLearning Lab for Research and Practice investigates data-driven approaches for more effective learning. Continue reading >>

Transparent HPC

High performance computing (HPC) is being used in ways that increasingly touch people’s lives.  D2I researches new technical approaches to HPC that enable more transparency in science. Continue reading >>

Open Science

Open Science facilitates the sharing and use of the products of research and goes beyond the earlier forms of dissemination that relied on knowledge transfer through publications.  Open science leads to transparent and rigorous science. Continue reading >>

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