Center research initiatives and areas

The Data to Insight Center has several initiatives that drive projects and research.

Persistent Identifiers (PIDs) and Data Management

Tools and frameworks for supporting persistent identifiers (PIDs) for data - anchoring and referencing research data in digital environments in an interoperable way. Continue reading >>

Open Access and Community Engagement

Our team is involved in many activities that focus on the engagement of scientists and other professionals in open access and open data practices. Many of these activities are conducted in collaboration with members of the Research Data Alliance. Continue reading >>

Big Data and Cloud Computing

Models of computation that provide “unlimited” computing resources as needed, giving projects the flexibility to scale data storage and compute. Continue reading >>

Data Curation and Preservation

Studies of the processes, organizations, and technologies needed to maintain scientific digital data over time, drawing on informatics/computer science, library and information science, and domain sciences like biology, geology, and environmental sciences. Continue reading >>

Data Analytics and Visualization

Data analysis techniques that focus on generating insights and encouraging action, with the primary focus on data quality and representations for diverse stakeholders. Continue reading >>

Archived Initiatives

Provenance and Metadata

Tools and frameworks for capturing detailed technical and scientific metadata and for provenance generation, collection, and case-based reasoning. Continue reading >>

Humanities and Social Sciences Computing

Innovations in cyberinfrastructure to provide access and increase use of the HathiTrust digital library. Continue reading >>

Socio-Ecological Informatics

Techniques for accessing and archiving data produced and used in social-ecological systems such as forests, fisheries, and irrigation systems. Continue reading >>