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Hoosiers & the general public

Cybersecurity and technology

Security Matters
A radio show, podcast, and website for every person who wants to stay safe online

Science Node
A free online publication, founded with support from the NSF. Science Node includes information for experts and non-experts alike, exploring the real-world impact of advanced computing and networks. Science Node covers tech-enabled advances in a wide variety of disciplines, ranging from science and engineering to the arts and humanities.

K-12 and university educators

Education and training resources

Events and curricula resources help prepare the next generation of Hoosiers to have exciting careers in STEM fields.

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National researchers

Advances enabled by cyberinfrastructure, informatics, and computing

Each year OVPIT and SOIC collaborate to put on a display of IU computer science, informatics, and cyberinformatics innovations at the annual SCxy (IEEE / ACM Supercomputing conference).

PTI also hosts a national or international conference at IU once every two years (sometimes more frequently). Most recently, PTI hosted the Galaxy Community Community Conference which brought hundreds of biologists and bioinformatics experts to IU, and enabled many IU faculty, staff, and students to attend locally in Bloomington.