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Resources for IU faculty, students, and staff

PTI offers consultation, training, and education to IU faculty, students, and staff in a variety of research and education areas. Use these tools to search for your area of interest or contact us to request a specific workshop, seminar, or panel discussion for your department, school, or class:

Resources for K-12 educators

The Indiana University Pervasive Technology Institute has engaged in K-12 Education, Outreach and Training (EOT) events related to technology in general and computing in particular for over a decade.

PTI and particularly Research Technologies hosts Ready, Set, Robots! and participates in activities at:

  • Conner Prairie (Curiosity Fair)
  • Celebrate Science Indiana
  • WonderLab
  • Monroe County Public Library
  • Crane Navel Surface Warfare Center
  • The project school
  • Wherever we are invited!

Through the resources linked below, we hope to assist educators in adding these types of workshops to their own curricula.


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Curriculum resources

Ready, Set, Robots! Camp 2015

Ready, Set, Robots! Camp; programming with Lego Mindstorms®

We have delivered such workshops to a variety of age groups (grades 4-6, 6-8, 8-12, etc.). Our focus has been on programming the robots – i.e., providing pre-constructed robots to the students, rather than spending time building them. The programming challenges are then tailored to the specific age group and time constraints for a particular workshop.

Ready, Set, Robots! Camp first launched in 2007.

Teaching Materials
Robot Workshops Slides

Fiber Optics and Laser Light

The learning goal of the fiber optics and laser light activity is to provide a basic understanding of the way light travels along fiber optic cables and how light can be used to transmit data.

Teaching materials

Networking and Computing Concepts ("No Guts, No Glory")

The learning objectives of the “No guts, no glory” workshop are teaching the basics of networking concepts, computer systems components and operating systems, and parallel computing.

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